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Is the chicken gene found in mayonnaise?

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Is the chicken gene found in mayonnaise?

What are the raw ingredients of mayonnaise?
It seems like a type of dressing is made of chicken egg yolk, vegetable oil, and vinegar. However, does it really use chicken egg yolk?
In order to find the answer, we checked if mayonnaise contains any chicken genes using a mobile PCR device.
We also checked if mayonnaise can be tested by a mobile PCR device.




0.03 g of mayonnaise and 100 mL of purified water were stirred using a vortex mixer for 2 minutes.
Immediately after that, 1 μL was taken from near the center and was used as a sample.

Reaction composition
μL Remarks (final concentration)
Enzyme: KAPA 3G Plant (2.5 U/μL) 0.4 1U/reaction
Buffer (×2) 8 x1
Primer F: chicken (100 μM) 0.1 600nM
Primer R: chicken (100 μM) 0.1 600nM
Probe: chicken (100 μM) 0.03 200nM
FITC Probe(1μM) 3 188nM
MgCl2(25mM) 0.8 1.25mM
Sample 1
PCR grade water 2.6

Reaction sample total 16μL

Process Temperature Time
Initial denaturation 95℃ 15sec
Annealing/extension 63℃ 15sec 50cycle
Denaturation 95℃ 3.5sec

Chicken genes were detected even from diluted mayonnaise in which oils are mixed.
This indicates that the egg yolk content in food can be measured using real-time PCR.

*1 Primer/probe sequence
Chicken-Primer F    5′-TCTGGGCTTAACTCTCATACTCACC-3′ (25mer) 65.6
Chicken-Primer R    5′-GGTTACTAGTGGGTTTGCTGGG-3′ (22mer) 65.6
Chicken-probe    5’Cy5-CATTCCTAACACTAGCCCTATTCTCC-3’BHQ3 (26mer) 70.3

Made by Nihon Gene Research Laboratories Inc.
Tm values are calculated using the nearest neighbor method. However, the calculation method of Nihon Gene Research Laboratories was used for the probes.
Reference paper:Tanabe et al., A Real-Time Quantitative PCR Detection Method for Pork, Chicken, Beef, Mutton, Horseflesh in Foods.
Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., 2007, 71(12),3131-3135