In 1968, Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. developed a self-focusing lens of which both ends are flat and can transmit images and light by achieving parabolic gradient index in cylindrical glass.

Applying this unique “SELFOC® lens” technology, the Information Communication Device Division produces and sells various optical components including ‘SELFOC® Lens Array (SLA)’ in various fields including office equipment.

We also developed a mobile PCR device utilizing optical technologies accumulated in providing optical components.

We will use our technologies to develop products that are closer to consumers in addition to optical components in order to “provide innovations to the world with glass technology” so we can further contribute to society.

Company Name
Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.
Division Name
Business Innovation Center (BIC)
5-8-1 Nishi-Hashimoto
Midori-ku Sagamihara-shi
Kanagawa 252-5189 Japan
+ 81-42-775-1532
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