How to use this site

Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. strives to provide an excellent online experience to all web site users including those with visual or auditory disorders as well as other disabilities. In order to guarantee that, this web site has been designed with a priority on accessibility assuming the use of a screen reader and voice browser.
This web site is highly responsive as it is designed to be displayed in accordance with the device used such as a mobile device, tablet, and desktop PC.

The method to change the font size on a desktop PC

You can change the font size of characters displayed on your web browser by the following procedure.

  1. While pressing the Ctrl key, scroll the mouse wheel up or down to change the font size.
  2. If your mouse does not have a scroll wheel or it is disabled, press the + or – key while pressing the Ctrl key to change the font size.

Some web browsers may require a different procedure. Commonly used web browsers are listed below.

  1. Chrome
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Firefox
  4. Opera
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