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  • Please understand that we may not be able to respond to all inquiries we receive.
  • Our response may take some time or a few days depending on the content of the inquiries.
  • Please understand that information you provide may be disclosed to our group companies in order to provide an appropriate response for inquiries. A group company may respond to your inquiry.
  • Please do not republish the response from us in whole or in part or use it secondarily.
  • We do not respond individually to contact for selling purposes, abuse, questionnaires, surveys, request for donations, and any other inquiries, opinions, and requests that are not directly related to the Nippon Sheet Glass Group.
Handling of personal information
  • We properly manage customers’ personal information entered in the form based on our privacy policies.
  • Your personal information entered in the form will be used to respond to your inquiry, send materials, and provide you with services and related information.

[Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of the protection of personal information (information that identifies individuals such as name, address, and email address) and handles as well as protects personal information properly based on the company’s privacy policies.]

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